Build up your portfolio and get on a path to retirement.

It all starts with you

Through a dedicated financial advisor focused on serving your best interests, we develop highly effective and customized solutions that meet your needs and objectives now and for years to come. 

Blue Capital

Your objectives come first. Our first priority is to help you achieve your financial objectives. Our disciplined approach is designed to identify strategies to accumulate, protect, convert and transfer your wealth based on your financial goals.

Michael J. Herek and Jay Molina, Co-Founders Blue Capital

Our Process

Personal Introduction

Our intro meeting has one objective, “do you like me, and do I like you.” This meeting is very important because if the personal relationship is not present, the business relationship is not possible.

Blue Capital Overview

During this meeting, you will get a broad overview of how we do business and the type of experience you can expect at Blue Capital. We will also spend some time setting expectations on both sides of the table.

Client Profile

Next, we will ask you to complete and return the client profile questionnaire. Once this is completed, we will spend some time discussing every detail on the questionnaire, from an objective and subjective perspective.

Priority List

We will then Create your priority list. The priority list is a bulleted list of planning areas we will address. The priority list creates the infrastructure for our future relationship. When we develop the initial priority list, we will ask you to review, evaluate, and place the items in order of importance.

Recommendation Phase

After you return the priority list to us in order, we now have items to work on, and will begin developing recommendations for each priority one by one, at the pace you are comfortable with.

Maintenance & Adjustment

We now establish our maintenance review schedule. Maintenance is an essential part of the investment process. Without proper maintenance, your investment plan will become outdated.

Unique Methods

Quality Services

Excellent result

Get a free financial risk analysis

Riskalyze enables us to pinpoint your Risk Number and build a portfolio that contains just the right amount of risk. Take a few minutes to find out your Riskalyze Risk Number to find out where your financial plan stands.

Finance Insights

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Key Numbers 2017
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